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We are growing and are seeking to add new members to our team.

1. RF/Microwave technician

Job description:

This position requires a self-motivated person with the knowledge and practical experience in SMT assembly, testing, tuning and troubleshooting of a variety of microwave circuits - amplifiers, mixers, filters, synthesizers, digital controling devices. Hands-on ability to operate relevant measurement equipment - spectrum and network analyzers, power meters, osciloscopes, etc.

Provide support to engineers, actively participating in design and production of microwave equipment, standard and custom. Good mechanical abilities, steady hands are required.

The suitable candidate should be able to read technical specifications, schematics, mechanical assembly drawings and be able to operate standard office (Excel, MSWord, etc) and custom software.

Practical experience with layout software is an asset.

As a very dynamic company we offer many unique opportunities for professional growth and learning on the job from experts in the field of RF/Microwave.


Send resume to Email: hmrs@sotca.com


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