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Sotca Inc. designs and manufactures a wide range of high-performance cost RF & Microwave products in L, S, C, X, Ku frequency bands, using the most advanced surface mount(SMT) and MIC hybrid technology. All designs are based on the best available HEMT, GaAs FET and LDMOS semiconductors. Capitalizing on top-notch engineering and more then 50 years of experience in the field allows us to develop high-performing, yet simple, economically priced components and subsystems with a high degree of reliability.

Synthesized Agile Frequency Converters

Sotca's new generation High Performance and Low-Cost synthesized frequency converters are designed for use in advanced satellite communication systems.
They feature high amplitude linearity, low phase noise, low intermodulation and group delay distortion.

An extensive set of monitoring and control functions supports local and remote RS485/RS422/RS232 and Ethernet unit control. The modular design allows to configure them as single separate upconverters or downconverters, or as a combination up/downconverter, packed into 1.75" (1U) Rack.

Synthesized L- C- Ku-Band Frequency Converters

Frequency Translators / block converters

STC 300 Series C- Ku-Band Fixed Gain Block Converters
STC 310 Series C- Ku-Band Variable Gain Block Converters
STC 400,410 Series C- Ku-Band Fixed Gain Outdoor Block Converters

Redundancy Switching

1:1 Redundant switching system For critical applications when minimum downtime is required Sotca's 1:1 or 1:N redundancy switches provide the most economical and reliable solution. Featuring more the 80dB port-to-port isolation, low return loss, 2 modes of operations and much more, these switches combined with any of Sotca's agile or fixed Upconverters or Downconverters offer a robust hot stand-by redundancy configuration. Learn more or go directly to:
STC 83201SW 1:1 redundancy switch
STC 83204SW 1:N redundancy switch


Interface Unit

Waveguide and Coaxial Filters

Waveguide Filters

Sotca's unique expertise in filtering technologies combined with a vast knowledge in RF/Microwave allows our engineers to offer the best technical and cost-effective filtering solutions based on unique customer's requirements.All designs are done by using a very efficient and constantly evolving propriatory software. Quality, fast turnaround, economical manufacturing is our rule. Some of the most interesting custom filters, designed and manufactured by our company are:

Satcom: C-Band Interference suppression filters

Ridged Evanscent - mode filters
Waveguide bandpass cavity filters
Harmonic regection filters