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Fully Synthesized Agile Frequency Converters

Our company had spent a long time in R&D to come up with the modern design of our high-performance frequency converters, aimed at achieving high-performance, top reliability, and low cost by using innovative sophisticated design, high-quality components and many years of our experience in the field of RF&Microwave. Modular and flexible, with a lot of features, exceptional amplitude linearity, ultra low phase noise, high dynamic range, low spurious, low group delay response Sotca's frequency converters are ideally suited for SCPC, MCPC, DAMA, high data rates transmission and advanced digital modulation schemas.

L-Band: Up/Down Converter | Upconverter | Downconverter | Dual Upconverter | Dual Downconverter

C-Band Standard : STC 8380 Series Upconverters | STC 8380 Series Downconverters
C-Band Fine Resolution: STC 9380 Series Upconverters | STC 9380 Series Downconverters

Ku-Band Standard: STC 8370 Series Upconverters | STC 8370 Series Downconverters
KU-Band Fine Resolution: STC 9370 Series Upconverters | STC 9370 Series Downconverters